Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Could Of, Would Have, Should Have and a Harley

Is there anything you “Could Of” done but for whatever reason, did not?

What are the things you “Would Have” done then, but for whatever reason did not?

Are there events or actions you “Should Have” engaged in but didn’t?

If your answer to all the above is “No”, congratulations.

Ours is an era where age should be less of a restriction than ever before. We are living longer and can remain highly active far later in life than generations past.

Fifty year old’s are taking up marathon running and 60 year old’s are returning to University to study the subject and profession denied them in their youth.

Fifteen years ago I listened as a friend expressed regret at never learning to ride a motorbike. A month or two ago she took delivery of a Harley Davidson.

She could have learned to ride in her twenties and should have. She also would have if not for the negative encouragement of her then Partner.

Now in her late 40’s, instead of living with the regret of not learning to ride a motorbike, she took control and has achieved her ambition.

It can be something far simpler than a Harley Davidson.

Another friend had a passion from the age of 15 to work in professional cycling. Many years later he is working in a totally unrelated field however, instead of living with regret, he has taken a small step and commenced a World Cycling Tour related Blog.

While this is not exactly “working” in professional cycling, it is a form of participating in the sport and who knows where it may lead. What is certain, if he had done nothing, nothing would ever happen. It is early days however he is already attracting about 200 readers a day.
It could be that you always wanted to grow vegetables, cook Chinese food or fly model aircraft.

I seem to have been inundated with expressions of work dis-satisfaction this last week. I have heard multiple tales of longings for the Easter break and 4 days away from the drudgery of work after which another way to cope will have to be found.

I have heard several tales of dissatisfaction around the direction a career has taken accompanied in two cases by statements of regret for not applying for another role when the chance was there. A classic “Should Have” scenario.

It is never to late to re-visit the Coulds, Woulds and Shoulds of our life and to take steps to eliminate them from our life.

We are forever been told about the limitless opportunities available. Chances are we tell others and in particular those younger than us, just that.

The opportunities are there for us too and we can set an example to all.

You only need to look at my Harley Davidson owning friend. She enrolled in motorbike riding lessons, obtained her licence, developed her skills, enjoyed it immensely, upgraded her licence and bought a Harley.

When she talks to her daughters about following their dreams, she can do so having done just that herself. She has the credibility of having walked the walk.

She has removed a key regret of her life.

Imagine if we all set about doing the same.


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