Monday, 4 December 2017

Giving Too Much Of A F*ck

What do you do when you find yourself at an airport with an hour to kill and the Airport Club Lounge is not very appealing?

Head for the book shop.

One of life’s pleasure activities is browsing in a book shop, looking at the new releases, recommendations from staff and identifying trends in the various categories of books.

Two trends were evident as I absorbed the array of titles in front of me at Canberra Airport.

Both are examples of correcting what might be called the failure of current lifestyles. They may also be a sign we are desperately looking to solutions to our increasingly unbalanced, high pressured lifestyles.

More than ever, there is pressure to be all things to all people and in all circumstances.

Social Media is full of Instagram photos of magnificent happiness, updates on Facebook showing what wonderful activities are filling our life and Tweets of entertaining wisdom. Add the exercise pressure of Strava, MyAssics, Garmin Connect and whatever other fitness App you choose to share your active life via and we have a recipe for unrelenting competition with largely little known friends and acquaintances.

The new car, amazing weekend escape and master chief meal prepared after a day’s work mesmerising the innovation committee with our latest creation.

The school event and our highly engaged children are shown excelling at all things academic, sport and music. We hear with monotonous regularity how the minds of children are being “mashed” by way of the time spent in from of screens however there is hardly a photo of a 12 year old playing games on their IPad> Does that seem strange, or perhaps the “screen time” problem is non existent?

We must show off our new gym gear, light weight running shoes, and if you are a cyclist, any new piece of gear or clothing will get a showing

“Quick, I need a photo for Facebook – and one for Instagram too”.

Our Social Media profile may well be described as a version of “The very, very best off the Days of our Lives”. However, we then measure the worth of “This life of ours” by way of the number of “Likes” are clicked, re-tweets made or comments received. And, if we pick up a new follower or follow request, the day is even better.

How do we feel when we receive little or no reaction to our photo of the latest kale inspired organic ginger, tofu infused shake? Deflated, incomplete, insecure?

Do we care too much about the reaction?

Are we searching for a methodology to care less about the reaction to our social media sharing’s, or perhaps even how to withdraw from our Social Media activity?

Do we simply care too much about many things, we simply should not care about

The following 3 books were on the top 20 recommended list at the Canberra Airport Bookshop:
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson
  • Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight and
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck also by Sarah Knight*

All the above have achieved “Best Seller” status.

A quick check of other titles authored by Sarah Knight indicate this is a highly popular subject genre as another of her book titles is:

How to not Give a F*ck at Christmas

The success of these books indicates we are collectively well aware of caring far too much about things that do not really matter.

We care about cultivating a perfect image and we know it is counterproductive. We are well aware there are very many things in life we “Give a F*ck” about when we know we shouldn’t. It also suggests we are desperate for a set of skills and actions to extricate ourselves from our self-destructive habits.

As for the other trend, there were two books addressing “Gut” health but more about this another time.

*I purchased and read this book some 9 months ago.

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