Wednesday, 18 March 2009

TV Debut

I will count you in. Look at the camera and start speaking after “one”. You have one take only so get it right.

Five, Four, Three, Two, One…..

“Welcome to the State Hockey Centre in the Brisbane suburb of Colmslie where on a cloudy overcast day we are hear for the opening game of the 2009 Hockey Brisbane season between Division one women’s teams Valleys and Saint Andrews.

My name is Colin Morley and with me today are co commentators Bernadette Poxxxxxx and George Clxxxx.

With both teams having players in Hobart with the Queensland Scorches Bernadette, what can we expect to see today?

Etc etc etc from Bernadette

And George, where do you think the decisive battles will be today.

Etc etc etc from George

Now we will cross to Nikki Taxxxx who is with the coaches.”

And so ended the opening take of our first hockey broadcast for QCTV.

Nerve racking? Absolutely.
Exciting? Yes
Adrenalin? Certainly.

We then had a 15 minute break before the game commenced and we were in to the commentary and special comments.

Being a women’s game, George and I new little about the players but Bernadette was great with her knowledge.

We settled down after half time and what was to be a test day has proved to be good enough to go to air next Saturday at noon.

Our downloads after the game proved very consistent. We were all aware of using similar words and phrases over and over again. We were also aware that when we try to think of something to say it is hard, but when we relax, it all comes pretty smoothly.

Not withstanding, we were probably rubbish, but perhaps with potential.

For all of us who sit at home and dream of being commentators, it is far more difficult than it looks.

Having said that, I can’t wait to have another crack on 4 April. So:-

On behalf of Bernadette and George, that’s all from the State Hockey Centre today and we look forward to having your company again on QCTV for the next round of Brisbane Hockey on 4 April.

Sigh of relief and huge buzz.

But I am not sure I want to watch it on Saturday.

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