Sunday, 8 March 2009

Is the "R" Word so Wrong

In breaking news, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Australian Treasurer Wayne Swann have decided to change their surnames. Further more, they are going to both adopt the same surname.

Kevie and Wayno were both born in the late 1950’s and as such, enjoyed their teenage years in the 70’s.

The 70’s was a period in Australia when colour television came of age and with it we enjoyed a raft of American sitcoms. It was also the beginning of Australian’s becoming somewhat “Americanised” with our language, our fashion and our food likes and dislikes.

For a few years, both went to the same high school on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and while a year apart, they did know each other.

It seems that much of that early communication centred around their preferred television shows and it is apparent both were fond of a popular comedy based on the lives and times of an American family in the 50’s and 60’s and the activities of their teenage son and his friends and associates.

One character emerged as the dominant personality on the show and it is this character our erstwhile leaders admired most and now seek to emulate.

There was one word this particular character was simply unable to say. The word would not come out of his mouth and in fact would fail to even form in his mouth.

Kevie and Wayno seem to have the same problem with a particular word.

As Prime Minister and Treasurer, Kevie and Wayno are essentially our front line leaders on all things economic particularly during these tough financial times.

Why is it that our economic leaders are unable to even say the word recession?

I don’t care what the definition of recession is. I don’t even care if we are in technical or actual recession, or if it feels like a recession.

I care however if our economic leaders are unable to say the word or even address the issue

I also care if they have no view on the matter and as such are unable, or unwilling to provide leadership.

If they believe Australia is in recession – say so.

If they believe Australia is not in recession - say so.

Because at the moment, they give me the impression they are hiding something or being sneaky.
Or perhaps they simply do not understand the issue or have not the slightest idea. (And this is not likely to be the case)

For all our sake, come clean with us. We have a right to know what you really believe is happening to our economy.

If a Doctor refuses to tell a patient they are sick, the illness cannot be treated and the patient cannot correct or adapt their behavior accordingly.

We hear we are economically sick. Kevie and Wayno, please tell us if we are suffering the sickness of recession, or are likely to be sick with recession.

Kevie and Wayno surely must be changing their surnames to Fonzerelli in honour of the famous character from Happy Days, Arthur Fonzerelli or The Fonz.

The Fonz was famous for not being able to utter the word “wrong”.

Kevin Fonzerelli and Wayne Fonzerelli are unable to utter the word recession.

Although, I suspect Kevin is also unable to say the word wrong – at least when referring to himself.

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