Tuesday, 10 April 2018

From Trump to Tasmania - Via The Commonwealth Games and Hockey Australia

So, that was Tuesday.

We woke this morning to learn the United States President had assembled his security cabinet to discuss the unfolding situation in Syria and was to front a press conference surrounded by his security advisers.

The matter in question is the accusation of a Chemical Weapons attack in Syria resulting in many civilian deaths, and painful deaths at that.

They need someone to blame? Is it Russia, Iran or is it the Syrian rebels?

When a similar attack occurred 6 months ago, a US military strike was ordered. Russia has been clear they are not involved and any military response will be frowned upon.

While this is not yet a tinderbox, the kindling is drying.

The World is on edge…….

……..so the President prioritises what is essentially a domestic matter with potential personal consequences for him.

He even references a "break in" to describe the execution of a search warrant, legally obtained and properly signed by a judge. (as I understand it)

Is the President really focused on world conflict or is a payment to a Porn Star to keep quiet about an event the President is very, very clear never took place more important?

Moving on to other things that lack logic.

The Commonwealth Games are nearing their mid-point and Australia’s Men’s and Women’s hockey teams are tracking well towards the final podium.

Australia’s Men’s team is currently rated the best in the world and is the reining world champions. They have been number one for 10 of the last 15 years.

The Women’s team have also enjoyed the same lofty status however is currently re-building. None the less, they are still in the leading group of hockey nations.

With a long, long history of success on the international stage, it makes sense to re-vamp our National Competition, or not.

Hockey Australia is "going 20/20" and in doing so, has added significant cost to competition resulting in Tasmania withdrawing.

A reason given for the change of format is to increase competitor numbers. I question how excluding the successful Tasmanian teams by way of prohibitive costs is increasing competitor numbers.
For the record, Tasmania’s Men’s team were National Champions as recently as 2014.

Perhaps we can recruit President Trump to explain this logic.


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