Tuesday, 3 April 2018

In Search of New Experiences Close to Home

I woke this morning over 200 kilometres from home and many thousands of kilometres from comfort.

2 months ago in a moment of bravado, I accepted the suggestion I look after a property for 2 weeks.

How hard can it be? A few cows, some horses, 2 dogs, sheep, a menagerie and more free range hens than can be counted.

Add to that, a serene and quiet surrounding allowing me plenty of time to train for a May cycling event and an August running race plus I will get to complete a soon to be due University assignment.

However, I am feeling a little less confident today.

Cities are where I am comfortable. I was born and raised in Melbourne and for all my working life have been a CBD person. I like the energy, chaos, noise and diversity that a City brings.

I am skilled at navigating crowded walking paths, timing traffic lights and weaving between traffic to safely cross a 4 or more lane road, sometimes including trams. I can stand in a bus, train or tram and effortlessly move with the rocking and swaying of its movement to maintain perfect balance, as can most who have spent time using public transport.

Certainly, I have spent time in rural areas usually in association with a family event or a sporting carnival. This is the first time I have had rural responsibilities while living in a rural area.

I admit to being a little blaze about the whole thing until an event of a month or so ago was brought to my attention.

The hens are housed in an enclosed area overnight for their protection and safety. Quite recently, a lack of attention to the gate latch allowed an opening for a Quoll to gain access to the hens and the rest was history, or at least was history for about 50 birds. The mistake was small but the cost was significant.

I would be devasted if a “Quoll Event” occurred under my watch.

There is another unexpected hazard too. I need to be on the lookout for wild dogs and snakes. I was asked if I wanted the key to the firearm cabinet and hastily declined. I have zero firearm skills and less ambition to acquire such skills.

We travel to the other side of the country or the world in pursuit of new and different experiences. More often than not, we do this in a quite controlled environment.

I suspect the experience I will enjoy these next two weeks will be as illuminating, educational and challenging as any I have experienced in my domestic and international travels.

We have a tendency to look for new adventures and in business, new markets in far away places.
The reality is, there are many new experiences, challenges, things to learn and for that matter, new markets on our very doorstep.

Wish me luck.

It is now time to move some sheep in to another paddock.

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