Monday, 5 February 2018

Political Similarities 40 Years Apart

Imagine how silly it would be if there was a report of illegal or unacceptable activities conducted by election campaign staff and their candidate then went on to win the election.

What if there was a gradual build-up of pressure through the political processes and in the media leading to genuine concerns being raised by authorities who have the authority to investigate such things?

Further, what if it was claimed the victorious candidate placed pressure on the authority who would conduct such investigations encouraging they cease?

Next, imagine how ludicrous it would be if a senior official determined to conduct such investigations was dismissed.

How about if the Office at the centre of all this controversy was the President of the United States?

Moving on, when the investigation progresses and key people are brought in for interview, what would happen if there was a concentrated build up of stories, leaks and comments aimed at casting doubt on their character, motives and even their mental health?

While all this is happening, the President and all his Men (and Women) are articulating that reports by major news outlets and in particular the New York Times and Washington Post are lies, incorrect and devoid of any factual basis.

At every opportunity, those in power state there is nothing to investigate, there was no such illegal activity and it is all a conspiracy. They say repeatedly there is no wrong doing, nothing to investigate and it should stop.  

Finally, the President appeals to all and sundry to move on and cease the investigation as it is distracting everyone from the important business of running the country citing in particular, growing concerns in the Middle East and on the Korean Peninsula.

I am not summarising what has played out in America these last 12 or so months.

I have provided a simple overview of the events leading up to the impeachment proceedings of President Nixon. He resigned on 9 August 1974 and was pardoned by his successor.

Nixon, a Republican, won a second term in 1972 and did so with a record margin,

It came to light there had been a break in at the Democratic Convention and a subsequent cover up that included involvement by the President.

As well as being formally investigated by the authorities including the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, reporters from the Washington Post worked long and hard to gather information and verify facts before reporting to the wider world. Their reporting was criticised as being incorrect. (fake news by another name)

Everything that was reported by the Washington Post was proven to be true.

I am not suggesting the investigation in to the current administration will be found to be true.

What I do find both interesting and distressing is the similarity in tactics, behaviours and actions to those displayed by the Nixon administration.

Of parallel interest is the similarity between the rusted-on supporters of both Nixon and Trump and their policies of growing manufacturing and mining.

Time will tell, as it always does.

If you are interested in learning more about Watergate, this is an excellent 8 part podcast. Slow Burn - A Podcast about Watergate

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