Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Introducing : Fiji - Stronger than Winston

She is a very striking young lady, daughter of a Senior Naval Officer (Retired) and successful self employed businesswoman.

While living in London, she worked successfully in Investment Banking, and having recently qualified as a Freelance Journalist now works in Marketing.

What is known to all too few is a passion for Animals, a devotion to Family and a strong, extremely strong care for others including an in built obsession to think of others and put their well being and interests ahead of her own.

She is engaged a daily battle to just maintain a semblance of good health, living in a world where being 75% well is truly a great (and rare) day.

Over Christmas, along with a Girlfriend, a luxury holiday to a Resort in Fiji was booked for March. 

Then the cyclone hit, devastating much of the country, particularly the poorer outlying areas.

Many who know her on the surface, will be surprised to know what happened next.

I consider her a friend and have been granted the privilege of getting to know her well so to me, what happened next was of no surprise. I am proud to be her friend.

The following link tells a small part of her week in Fiji.


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