Sunday, 31 May 2015

RAW Passion

On Thursday evening I attended “Sensory May 2015” presented by Raw Artists.

“Raw Artists” is an international organisation, or an international concept with an objective of allowing local artistic talent a vehicle to display itself.

There are over 60 cities world wide where regular “Raw” events are held and we can be both proud and grateful Brisbane is one of them.

The Venue for this event was The Met nightclub in the heart of the Fortitude Valley entertainment precinct and I confess to being just a little amused that as someone who just happens to be over 25 years of age that I was heading off for a night at The Met. But hey, age is but a number.

My prime motivation for attending was to catch up with, and support Alberto from Monte Rego Photography ( who was exhibiting a superb sample of his landscape, scenery and wave images. (Alberto’s image of the Burleigh Surf Club is amazing)

Alberto was one of several photographers presenting their work, and they were joined by fashion designers, make up artists, sketch artists, painters, musicians, short film makers, art and craft and a near naked woman being drawn on.

Overall, it was a very impressive display of local Brisbane artistic talent, much of it “young” and others just young at heart.

However, I was impressed by much more than the talent on display.

The talent was diverse, but the diversity of the crowd in attendance also impressed me.

There were what you might describe as “artie” types and dressed as you might expect. But, but there was alsobusiness people dressed in their corporate finery, others dressed to kill as if on a night out at an exclusive restaurant or event and others ready for a nightclub. It was incredibly invigorating and motivating to see such diversity, mixing and mingling in perfect harmony and without judgment.

But what impressed me most, what motivated me most were the exhibitors and the common theme of all exhibitors.

All were passionate about their particular artistic pursuit.

All were doing what they wanted to do, following their dream, making it come true, or doing all they could to make it come true.

How many of us genuinely pursue our passion or passions?

How many of us have the self honesty to even identify and articulate just what our passion is?

It is a wake up call for me.

To conclude, I am going back to Alberto and will then end with his words.

Many years ago when living in Adelaide, Alberto worked as a photographer in a specialist field.

Very many geographical moves and many jobs later, fatherhood, cycling and travel, Alberto has acknowledged and accepted his love for his art and is pursuing it.

His words to me were enlightening, honest and motivating.

In respect of his photography, he said:

“I feel like I have come home”

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