Sunday, 14 December 2008

New Post Surgery Best Time

With usual companions being unavailable, I headed of to Col de Cootha solo. Had an early start (for a Sunday) in expectation of heat and hit the ramp from Moggil Rd to Cootha at about 5.45 am. (I hate that ramp). Ended up doing 3 summits (anti clockwise) and a final hit out the other direction but only to the look out. (For me, that is a good work out)

The good news (for me anyway) is that on the 3rd accent, I managed a new post surgery best time and while it may not be a time most others would be excited about, getting into the 13's is a milestone for me.

After Cootha, I headed back through UQ, over the bridge up Gladstone Rd and down to West End and Southbank to catch up with whoever was at Garage. Spent a pleasant 45 minutes at Garage with Julie, Sarah, Francis, David and Julie solving a few of the worlds problems. mainly economic and political). They had ridden a Shorncliffe loop and battled some very tempermental winds for 97 k's.

Will do a flat recovery ride out to Nudgee Beach in the morning, Cootha again on Tuesday, maybe race the BoQ twilight series on Wednesday and probablly bunch river rides Thursday and Friday. Have to fit in at least one heart rehab session at the Wesley this week too plus a session or 2 on the rower and punching bag. Oh, and work.

Ride safe.


Groover said...

Well done on the Coot-tha repeats. I will be back there in the new year. And solving world economical and political problems at the Garage is one of my fav pastimes, too ... :-) ... and drinking coffee of course.

Did you end up racing the Twilight Crit last night?

Groover said...

That's right. Mel and I had a little fun sprint for second last to make the workout worthwhile. Hahaha. We train sometimes together.

Happy Christmas to you!